Ver-ID for Windows

Face authentication for Windows Apps and Devices

Now it’s easy to add state of the art face authentication to Windows apps and devices.

Ver-ID is the fastest, easiest way to add a layer of security to Windows devices and applications. Based on a face recognition algorithm trained for over a decade, Ver-ID provides secure, convenient face authentication to support or replace traditional password logins.

Ver-ID for Windows works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Ver-ID for Mac coming soon!



Ver-ID for Windows is available as an SDK or a white label solution.

A New Level of Security for Windows Apps and Devices

Facial recognition is one of the easiest and most secure second factor authentication methods, adding a level of protection against the rising threat of cyber crime, while improving ease of use for enterprise users.

Prevent Sharing of Credentials

Facial recognition ensures someone is who they say they are. Ver-ID prevents users from sharing corporate credentials and devices, compromising value enterprise data and undermining network security.

Ensure Privacy

Ver-ID works on the client, so biometric information isn’t collected, transferred or stored, ensuring enterprises remain compliant with state PII regulations.

Anti-Spoofing and Audit Trail Built-In

Ver-ID for Windows uses the latest anti-spoofing methods to protect users and their devices. A photo audit trail provides visible evidence of all attempted logins.

How it Works

Enrollment Takes Just Two Minutes… Secure, Hands-free Login Takes Microseconds!

1. Using the camera on the Windows device, Ver-ID takes photos of each user in different poses.

2. Ver-ID stores the unique registered faceprint on the user’s device. Biometric data isn’t transferred or stored ensuring user privacy and data protection.

3. When the user logs into a Windows app or device running Ver-ID for Windows, the device camera takes a picture and matches it to the registered faceprints.