Ver-ID Transactions

Add Security to Digital Signatures with Face Authentication and Photo ID Match

Verifying the identity of a digital signature on a transaction has the potential to save the financial services industry billions each year.
With Ver-ID Transactions, verification that used to be done in person can now be completed securely online.
Ver-ID’s face authentication technology is now combined with the ability to scan and match to a government issued ID,with the verified identity time-stamped and embedded in the digital document.


Ver-ID Transactions provides a new level of authentication for a variety of services including:
  • Enterprise document support
  • Banking and financial services
  • Health and medical services

How It Works

  1. Ver-ID face recognition: uses device camera, requires no additional hardware
  2. Photo ID Scan: reads the barcode on license, and compares to OCR scan of printed text for match
  3. Ver-ID embeds authenticated faceprint and ID match with digital signature