Ver-ID Starter SDK

Add face authentication, credential authentication, and enhanced digital signatures to online transactions

The Ver-ID Starter SDK includes all Ver-ID functionality in one easy to use SDK for iOS and Android. Easy integration typically only requires just a few hours of development time to add face recognition to your apps, service or devices. With Ver-ID, personal data never leaves the mobile device, protecting user privacy.


Be the first to market with biometric authentication, credentials verification, and biometric enhanced digital signing.


Hands-free, secure, face recognition log in enhances or replaces traditional passwords. State of the art anti-spoofing features are built-in to ensure the highest levels of security. Optimized for client-side processing, personal data is never collected, stored or transferred to protect user privacy.

ver credential

Match a face to a photo ID to add a layer of security to client onboarding and transactions. Works with driver’s licenses, passports, employee IDs, health cards.

ver transaction

Enhance digital signatures with face and credential authentication stored within the electronic document, verifying the user’s identify and their presence at time of signing.

Technical Specifications

Ver-ID Authentication, Ver-ID Credentials and Ver-ID Transactions run on all current iOS and Android devices.

Device requirements:

iOS ARM v7, ARM v7S, ARM 64 – Ver-ID SDK can be added as a framework to any iOS project (9.1+)
Android (ARM) – Android projects targeted at API level 18+ can import the Ver-ID SDK from our Maven repository.