Ver-ID Credentials

Secure, Easy to Use, Face Recognition and Photo ID Verification

Increase Security

Add a new level of security throughout the client life cycle, from client onboarding to transactions.


Facial recognition enables apps and devices to instantly recognize each user, powering a new level of personalized experiences.

Easy to Use

Ver-ID Credentials simplifies as it secures, with easy to follow steps and implementation for the enterprise and the end user.

Cross Platform and Cross Device

Ver-ID works with current iOS and Android mobile devices, camera-based, with no additional hardware required.

Online Onboarding

With face recognition and photo ID match,  in-person transactions such as opening a new account, can now move online, cutting costs and improving customer convenience.

Privacy Protection

Ver-ID Credentials works on the client, so biometric information isn’t collected, transferred or stored, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations for biometric data.




How it Works – Onboarding Credential Authentication

1. Face recognition: uses device camera, requires no additional hardware

2. Photo ID Scan: reads the barcode on license, passport, compares to text for match

3. Ver-ID confirms face and ID match for future login and transactions

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