Welcome to Ver-ID, our patented face authentication software. Ver-ID authenticates people as well as their credentials and online transactions, enhancing traditional username & password access. Using Ver-ID to augment login methods, you can now protect user data on sign-in, as well as throughout an entire session.

Our software is easy to integrate with a variety of business applications, providing multi-level biometric security on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platforms, as well as server and API services. With a Ver-ID license, your business increases application security while shrinking the cost, time and risk of product development. Download a demo of the Ver-ID SDK:

Applied Recognition face recognition technologies are Patent Protected by US 8,750,574, US 9,152,849, CN 200880126543, and Patent Applications Pending/Allowed.

Platforms: Android | iOS | MacOS | Windows

Last Updated: March 7, 2016

Current Version: 1.2 – SDK available for license

Ver-ID Demo: email us for a demo of the Ver-ID SDK

Biometric Login

Ver-ID gives your applications added security while doing away with typing passwords that can be easily forgotten or stolen.

Credential Capture

Ver-ID scans and authenticates government issued photo ID, helpful in augmenting client onboarding and registration security.

Digital Signatures

Ver-ID facilitates digital signatures and secures proofed documents via authentication and PKI infrastructure.


Cameras are becoming commonplace in modern technology, from mobile devices to televisions, cars, home security and more. Ver-ID makes it easy for your business to adapt to the latest trends with a face authentication software that will change the way you envision user experience and security for your applications. For more info on Applied Recognition’s new authentication software, have a look at the Ver-ID brochure.


With multi-level security, our software will ensure the protection of online financial transactions for various types of applications. Combine a known device with face authentication and even add 2FA for augmented online security.

  • Meet regulatory requirements for client onboarding
  • Simplify KYC with digital signatures and photo ID capture
  • FINTRAC (anti-money laundering)
  • Account authentication for financial planners & brokers



The entire online payment industry is taking a hard look at biometric authentication. Modern computing has spawned a heightened need for online security; client authentication and prevention of password and identity theft. For businesses, added Ver-ID face authentication means a reduction of internal fraud and embezzlement; criminals will hesitate to lay down records of their face during illegal transactions.

  • Deter password & identity theft
  • Deter internal fraud
  • Improve user experience for online transactions



Ver-ID helps eliminate unauthorized account sharing, which results in lost revenues. Through face authentication, DRM companies can confirm the identity of users improving your app login with a password-free interface.

  • Eliminate unauthorized account sharing
  • Speed up login process for user accounts
  • Improve user experience with custom profile settings



Ver-ID can be used to confirm online accounts for all types of gaming. It can be implemented to help lock out people with online gambling habits and used to augment security for profiles that need more privacy.

  • Prevent undesired gamblers, under-age, addicts, etc.
  • Prevent online fraud
  • Allow for large wager account authentication