FotoTiger For Facebook

Looking for a simple way to sort and share your photos? Give FotoTiger For Facebook a try! FotoTiger will automatically sort your photos based on the people who are in them. Tag someone once and FotoTiger will tag the same person in other photos all by itself. Post photos directly to your Facebook timeline, with tags intact. Saves time. Significantly reduces manual tagging. Less work!
Google Play Store

Current Version: 1.1.4

Platform: Android 3.0+

Size: 13MB  |  Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

Patent Protected by US 8,750,574, CN 200880126543, and Patent Applications Pending/Allowed


Save Time

FotoTiger will find faces for you, so you don’t have to browse through thousands of your photos.


Tagged people are added to albums of your personal contacts, helping you stay organized as your library grows.


Share tagged photos to your Facebook timeline with just one click!

More Info


– Bug Fixes for Android v 1.0.6

– FotoTiger for iOS now available!


Michael Roberts “Great at organizing photos Excellent face recognition and cataloging. Then easily pull up photos of your friends. Works as advertised.” [5/5]

Lara Cooper “Great! I like how fast it works and how accurate it is to find my friends.” [5/5]

Spoon Spencer “Great Timesaver Finally this exists… no more tedious tagging of large photo albums on facebook… awesome that this tags them for you works great on LG Nexus 5.” [5/5]


How do I tag a face?

Once your photos have been scanned, a row of “untagged faces” will appear at the top of FotoTiger’s home screen. To add a name, simply select a face and tap to tag it – this will open your contact list to select a contact or add a new name.

Can I add a new name that is not in my contact list?

Yes. When prompted with the contact list to identify a face, simply scroll to the bottom. You will see an option for “Add […]” to add any name you’d like. A quick tip? People often have duplicate names in their contact lists – make sure to use the same name for photos of the same person to avoid duplicate photo rows.

How do I delete a tag or face?

Click on the face you wish to edit and tap the ‘trash’ or ‘x’ icon. The ‘x’ icon will remove a tag, adding the face back into the “unknown faces” category. The trash icon will delete a face, removing it from FotoTiger.

How do I resize a face tag?

To crop a face, press and hold the face box. Pinch to resize and drag to move the box around. Tap save to confirm or cancel to revert back to the original size.

How do I retrieve a deleted photo, or add one that wasn’t imported to FotoTiger?

At FotoTiger’s home screen, click the ‘+’ icon on bottom left. Browse, select and tag any photo from your mobile device’s photo library to add it into FotoTiger.

Can I rename a tag or a contact?

Yes. Click on the photo you wish to edit. Double-tap on the face to rename – this will open up your contact list so you can select a contact from the list or add a new name. To rename all photos of a person, tap on their name > select the faces tab > press select > press select all > press the tag icon > enter new name.

Why doesn’t FotoTiger recognize some of the faces in my photos?

FotoTiger learns to recognize the faces you tag and confirm – the more you teach it, the better it gets at making a match. While people have a gift for discerning faces, computers are learning ways to navigate issues like lighting conditions, sunglasses, portrait angles, etc. that can impede a device’s ability to recognize faces. Applied Recognition is continually improving our success rate for recognition as FotoTiger’s technology advances.

Can I tag many faces at once?

Yes. Click on Untagged faces and tap ‘select’ at top right. Select all faces of someone you’d like to tag and tap the ‘tag’ icon on the bottom menu. This will open your contact list where you can select a contact or add a new name for the faces.

Are my photos private?

FotoTiger works without the need for an internet connection – the face recognition is happening directly on your mobile device, and keeps all of your photos private until you decide to share them. Check out http://www.fototiger.com/privacy to read more about our privacy policy.

Does the photo scanner run while I’m using other apps?

FotoTiger runs at intervals and scans faces in newly-taken photos. You’ll get a notification if it recognizes a person from your contact list. To disable this turn off background app refresh in the system settings. The initial bulk photo library scan can be disabled at any time from within FotoTiger, if you’d prefer to plug your device in to a power source and scan your photos at a later time.

How do I share my tagged photos to social media?

Select a photo and tap the ‘share’ icon (square with an up arrow) at bottom left. Send tagged photos by text, email or post to your social media. To send multiple photos, select a name or untagged faces title from the home screen. Tap ‘select’ at top right and hit the ‘share’ icon to post groups of photos online or share by text and e-mail.


Have any more questions for us? Send us a message to support [at] fototiger.com.