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AceAge PR

PRESS RELEASE | AceAge Selects Applied Recognition to Provide Face Recognition Technology for Biometric Identity Authentication – May 23-18

AceAge, the maker of the automated medication delivery appliance Karie, has selected Applied Recognition’s Ver-ID technology to incorporate face recognition in their solution, making Karie more secure and user-friendly.
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Software Group

PRESS RELEASE | Software Group and Applied Recognition Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Biometrics in Financial Services Industries – May 21-18

Applied Recognition’s face recognition technology will add biometric capabilities to mission-critical systems developed by Software Group for public and private entities around the world.
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PRESS RELEASE | CognoSystems to sell & support Ver-ID Face Authenticator – Mar 27-18

CognoSytems, Inc. has agreed to distribute Ver-ID Face Authenticator, Applied Recognition’s face recognition solution that eliminates corporations’ dangerous reliance on inherently vulnerable passwords. “Network attacks through password exploits are the #1 fear of IT administrators and CIOs.”, said Logan Davidson, Managing Partner, CognoSystems.
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PRESS RELEASE | Ver-ID Face Authenticator Now Available – Feb 27-18

Applied Recognition Announces ‘Ver-ID Face Authenticator’ to Eliminate Password-Reliance Risk. Ver-ID Face Authenticator enables the addition of a face recognition check to any network access control system, putting an immediate stop to by-far the most common cause of IT breaches and data-spills: compromised passwords. [ Read More ]


PRESS RELEASE | Ver-ID used in Bitcoin Wallet – Nov 27-17

Applied Recognition, Inc. & Blockchain Acuity Ltd. together announce that Blockchain Acuity has integrated Applied Recognition’s FaceLocate technology into custom and existing blockchain solutions, resulting in a service called ‘Access Acuity’. Users who adopt the results of this collaboration will be able to secure access to their digital currencies with face recognition, eliminating the vulnerability that comes from reliance on passwords and other weak authentication methods. [ Read More ]


Ver-ID Credentials meets or exceeds the identity verification requirements

of the Canadian Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) when implemented within FINTRAC’s Dual Process Method. [ Read More ]


Applied Recognition sets new benchmark for recognition accuracy

By applying advanced machine learning techniques, ARI has significantly improved their core technology and this capability will be rolled into all products and SDKs. [ Read More ]


Applied Recognition’s Ver-ED Enables Lenovo AirClass’ Emotion Insights

Emotion Insights, powered by Ver-ED, estimates engagement by measuring eye state (open or closed) and level of attendee focus on the material being presented, as well as whether the attendee has a positive or negative disposition based on a spectrum of common emotions [ Read More ]


Applied Recognition awarded innovative face-recognition patent in The United States

Applied Recognition is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a patent for a pivotal and innovative technology involving the next generation of face recognition as it applies to advertising, entertainment and social networks. [ Read More ]

cyber security

Choosing the Best BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION to Ensure Cyber Security – April 3, 2017

This whitepaper is intended for business and technology decision makers within public sector organizations and enterprises who need to evaluate and select a biometric authentication solution to augment traditional username and password authentication for accessing online applications and transactions. [ Read More ]

SIT release

Strategic Information Technology Selects Applied Recognition’s Ver-ID Authentication for Financial Services Portfolio – Feb 28, 2017

Ver-ID face authentication enhances security for onboarding new customer accounts and secure access across multiple devices. [ Read More ]


Applied Recognition Launches Ver-ID Transactions, Adding Biometric Authentication to Digitally Signed Documents

Face authentication and credential capture significantly increases security for legally binding documents for financial services, healthcare, and the enterprise. [ Read More ]