Protect your Enterprise Access with Ver-ID Face Authentication

63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default, or stolen passwords.

As cybercrime increases in frequency and sophistication it’s imperative that enterprises protect corporate data, employee IDs, and network access.

Ver-ID is the fastest, easiest way to add a layer of security to enterprise devices and applications. Based on a face recognition algorithm trained for over a decade, Ver-ID provides secure, convenient face authentication to support or replace traditional enterprise password login.

Picture784% of people forgot and had to reset a password at least once in the last year. Average password reset cost: $50.


A New Level of Security in ID Management

Facial recognition is one of the easiest and most secure second factor authentication methods, adding a level of protection against the rising threat of cyber crime, while improving ease of use for enterprise users.

Prevent Sharing of Credentials

Facial recognition ensures someone is who they say they are. Ver-ID prevents users from sharing corporate credentials and devices, compromising value enterprise data and undermining network security.

Ensure Privacy

Ver-ID works on the client, so biometric information isn’t collected, transferred or stored, ensuring enterprises remain compliant with state PII regulations.

Cut IT Costs

Cutting costs of password resets alone saves the enterprise nearly $200 per user per annum delivering immediate ROI.

Cross Platform and Cross Device

Ver-ID works with current Windows, Apple, and Android mobile and desktop devices, camera-based, no additional hardware required.

Digital Signature

Ver-ID can be used as a primary or secondary level of authentication for digitally signing documents, such as employee onboarding forms, reducing paper costs and enabling remote services.

Photo ID Verification

Government or enterprise-issued IDs can be used to match against Ver-ID for added security. Transactions that traditionally require an in-person verification of ID can now be completed online.

Eliminate Password Resets

Eliminate Lost productivity – $2.4M

The biggest impact comes from the lost productivity of the enterprise employee waiting for their password to be reset so they can access the network or applications.

Cut IT Costs – $1.4M

Each password reset costs the enterprise about $6 in IT costs due to IT support costs.


Sources: Gartner, CNN Money, GlassDoor


1845% ROI

Cost of Ver-ID – $.2M

The cost of licensing Ver-ID for the average Fortune 500 enterprise.


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