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APPLIED RECOGNITION INC. is a leader in face detection, recognition and authentication technology delivering innovative products for consumers, enterprises and application developers.
Since 2005, Applied Recognition has been perfecting facial recognition technology, with an extensive portfolio of patents in facial recognition and indexing, and enterprise-grade, biometric authentication technology.
Applied Recognition serves a broad range of customers, including financial services, IoT device manufacturers, and leading software providers. Licensing is available for a variety of software development kits on Windows, Apple, Android and iOS platforms, as well as server and API services.



Applied Recognition is working to bring greater levels of security, privacy and personalization to the digital world through the smart application of biometric technology.


Established in 2005, Applied Recognition jumped to an early start in facial recognition technology, creating the first photo tagging and indexing application, Foto Bounce, for consumers. Consumer photos present the most challenging content for facial recognition due to their unconstrained nature including varying levels of resolution, light levels, angles of the face and the number of faces. Yet an independent testing service found Applied Recognition’s product beat Google, Apple and Microsoft in speed, accuracy and efficiency. FotoBounce success was quickly followed by the mobile app Foto Tiger. The two apps have been downloaded by over 300,000 consumers.
Tackling the consumer photo challenge demanded a higher level of flexibility and accuracy from the software, and created the foundation for the advanced biometric solutions Applied Recognition offers today.
Ver-ID, launched in 2015, is the next generation of the company’s facial recognition technologies. Ver-ID provides enhanced user security offering greater protection for consumers versus traditional username/password logins. Ver-ID authenticates photo IDs issued by any organization matching the face in the ID to the user for a variety of onboarding applications. Ver-ID also brings a higher level of security to digital signatures on transactions, documents and contracts.

Privacy First Approach

When Applied Recognition began applying their photo tagging expertise to biometric authentication the company was determined to place individual privacy first. Using its patented, client-side only design, Ver-ID ensures a higher degree of user privacy, with no server or cloud-based collection, observation, transfer or storage of data or PII. The privacy-first approach protects consumers and enterprises from the increasing threat of data hacks and identity theft

Cross-Platform, Open Standard Support

Applied Recognition supports multiple platforms and open standards, partnering with the broader ecosystem to accelerate innovation. Applied Recognition provides open APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows and Apple OSx.


CEO, Applied Recognition Inc.

Don Waugh

Don has over 15 years of extensive experience in the high tech sector most recently as the Founder and Co-CEO of Applied Recognition.
Previously he was the CEO and Founder of PCAS Patient Care Automation Services which is revolutionizing the dispensing and management of prescription medicine. Prior to PCAS Don was the founder Echoworx Corporation, an encryption security software company specializing in Internet based applications. Previously to that he was the founder of CoolWater/CIMtegration, an internet development firm and DataVation, a data storage company. Professionally Don was a CMA becoming an entrepreneur nearly 20 years ago. He is a multi-patent holder for encryption technologies, drug dispensing systems and face recognition applications.
“Where business was once done in-person, on a face to face basis, we need to replicate this trust online. And this is what we are doing with Ver-ID – it is all about trust. We make trust as visible and as reliable as the physical face to face world.”

CEO, Applied Recognition Inc.

Ray Ganong

Ray was a co-founder Emergency Response Management Services Corp (ERMS: www.ermscorp.com) and was instrumental in creating their world-class notification technology. Previously, Ray was Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of EVault, Inc., a developer of Internet-based backup technology that was sold in January 2007 to Seagate for $185 million. Prior to EVault, Ray was founder and President of VytalNet, a developer of tape, records and information management systems. VytalNet was founded in 1994 and merged with EVault in 2001. Prior to VytalNet, Ray was co-founder of VytalBase Inc., a data protection firm that was very profitable and acquired by Recall in 1994. Ray has a Bachelor of Math in Computer Science from the Univ. of Waterloo in 1983. He is a multi-patent holder for online backup technology and has several patents filed in the photo organizing area.
“It was clear to me that the capability to recognize a face could be used for authentication, and that additional verification could address a key security exposure inherent in online transactions.”


Paul G. Smith
Paul G. Smith, MBA, ICD.D
  • Former Chairman of VIA Rail Canada and the Founder of Equity Financial Holdings Inc.(TSX:EQI)
  • Served as Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister of Canada
  • Board positions across diverse industry sectors including financial services, information technology, telecom

“The company’s Ver-ID technology has the potential to address the need in the financial services industry to cost-effectively authenticate a client and meet legal, regulatory and Know Your Client requirements.”

Ken Haggerty
Ken Haggerty, MASc P.Eng.
  • President of Haggery Holdings Limited, extensive engineering and business experience
  • Active investor, with a portfolio of real estate, publically traded companies
  • Several start-up and early stage ventures across high tech manufacturing, service, and medical applications

“I like that the Ver-ID solution is computational on the client and that the biometric information isn’t sent or stored.  I believe that users do not want a 3rd party controlling and storing their biometric data on servers outside their control.”

Anatol von Hahn
Anatol von Hahn
  • Senior international banker
  • Served as Group Head of Canadian banking for Scotiabank
  • Chairman of the Executive Council for the Canadian Bankers Association
  • Board member for public, private and charitable organizations

“VER-ID provides the greatest degree of security and certainty as to ‘who’ really has  access to both the physical and digital environment we are trying to protect.”